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Career Opportunities at SERVPRO

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Interested in being a part of the SERVPRO family? Apply today! Image of cell phone. Interested in being a part of the SERVPRO family? Apply today!

With 17 franchises in 6 locations throughout TN, FL, and TX, SERVPRO Team Nicholson is an exciting, diverse, innovative place to work. We foster positive company culture, offer competitive compensation packages, and prioritize community involvement. Come find out what it takes to be a part of our team! 

Our mission is to be a proud, laser-focused team holding each other accountable while creating positive opportunities for our people and becoming the most efficiently run organization in the markets we serve. We value honesty, reliability, relationships, trustworthiness, and authenticity! Our team develops and provides solutions; we are go-getters and carry a “bring it” attitude to our work environment. We listen and value each other’s thoughts and ideas and strive to bring them to life. We are built on hard work, transparency, good business, and integrity. We believe “You can’t go wrong doing the right thing.” 

Bill Repsel, our Regional Administrator, shared his testimony on what it's like working for SERVPRO. He said "Every day is a new day. It is an opportunity to serve others in our community in a time of need. We have an incredible team of people with great talent that strives to make a difference every day." 

SERVPRO of South Orlando is proud of the work we do and is always looking for like-minded people interested in a rewarding career. Please submit your resume to, stop by our office at 2120 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite B, Orlando, FL from 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday or click here to check out our current job openings.

Water Removal is a Process in South Orlando

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SERVPRO of South Orlando is ready to serve you! SERVPRO of South Orlando is ready to serve you!

SERVPRO Arrives with Water Detection and Water Removal Equipment

Natural flood, pipe leaks, sewer backup, washer overflow, toilet problems, and pump failure can wreak water havoc to your home in South Orlando. You may feel like you have lost all control of your home, and it can only get worse if you hire a company that rips and tears your walls, furniture, carpet, and other personal belongings out of its place. This process can leave you clutching your chest in agony as well as a hole in your wallet.

Water removal in South Orlando is not an easy task. Homeowners often try to clean the water problems without consulting the experts, causing more damage and problems. Some components are involved in water damage restoration. It's not something that a beginner should consider tackling. You would need to replace everything that was involved in the water damage immediately. If you ignore this process, then mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria can grow in your house. Hiring a water restoration company is a smart decision because they have all the necessary tools to take out extra water to prevent further damage. Plus, a thorough cleaning and drying process would require experienced water damage restoration services.

SERVPRO technician would contact you to arrange a service within one hour of notice that water damage has occurred. Within four hours, uniformed, trained techs would be on-site to start the mitigation service, a fast-acting method of extracting water out of the area. These technicians would use advanced technology such as moisture sensors, moisture meters, and Thermohygrometers to detect moisture in the air. This equipment helps them determine the best drying process that would get the job done.

SERVPRO has other high-tech equipment such as extractors to help remove water from carpets and other flooring material. Air movers would enhance evaporation to reduce drying time. Dehumidifiers would extract water vapor from the air. After removing all the water, they would use deodorizer equipment such as thermal foggers to neutralize any odor caused by the water damage. Afterward, these technicians would perform a thorough walk-through with you to ensure that you are delighted with the service.

With SERVPRO of South Orlando, you can expect reliable and excellent customer services and experts to get the job done. Call (919) 790-1222 to set up an appointment to speak with our skilled and experienced technicians.

Never Get Stressed When Your South Orlando Property Experiences Mold Damage

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Call SERVPRO of South Orlando if you have mold damage in your South Orlando home. Call SERVPRO of South Orlando if you have mold damage in your South Orlando home.

SERVPRO Can Inspect and Plan a Mold Remediation Solution for Your South Orlando Home

Once we determine your building is safe to enter during mold damage, remediation, moisture, and visual mold assessment follow. When we assess the site, we lookout for mold growth signs, water damage, standing water, and talk to the property owner. We check behind the wallpaper, insulation, carpet backing, and wallboard. Evaluation of attics and crawl spaces in your South Orlando property is essential during the inspection. 

If your South Orlando home's walls or surfaces have stains or some discoloration, there are chances that mold damage is present. Visible fuzzy growths on surfaces and earthy odors can also support that possibility. Surfaces whose moisture content is around 20% and over are vulnerable to mold growth and possible decomposition when the area is made of wood or cellulose composite. We use moisture meters when determining the material's moisture content.  

By looking at the level of contamination, our SERVPRO technicians are in a position to choose suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The four primary levels of mold contamination are level 1 (covering 10 square feet or less), level 2 (over 10 - 30 square feet), level 3 (over 30 - 100 square feet), and level 4 (exceed 100 square feet). Some of the PPE that we use include work boots, goggles, disposable overalls, earplugs, and N95–Disposable Respirators. When working in extensively contaminated areas, OSHA recommends full-face or half-face respirators with P, N, or R100 cartridges. 

It is not possible to salvage porous items with visible mold in some cases, which means they should be discarded. Items that fall under that category are some drywall surfaces, textiles, upholstery, carpet padding, clothing, books, papers, and rugs. We place materials for disposal in plastic trash bags to reduce the potential for mold exposure and cross-contamination.  

SERVPRO of South Orlando has been in the cleaning and restoration industry for a long time and uses advanced equipment and technology to do the work. Call us at (407) 985-3200 to discover the several options we use to restore properties after a mishap or disaster.

How SERVPRO Fixes Flood Damage Caused by Hurricanes to Your South Orlando Property

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If you sustain storm damage after a hurricane, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando. If you sustain storm damage after a hurricane, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando.

Flood Damage Experts in South Orlando Talk About Hurricanes

The months of August and September are the time of year that hurricanes are common to hit coastal parts of the U.S., and their aftermath could affect the South Orlando area. Hurricanes bring about massive rain and wind speeds over 100 miles per hour that can both cause your property extensive flood damage. Storms often develop on the sea this time of year. They gain their strength when they're in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water only. Last year, seventeen tropical storms formed on the Atlantic, ten turned into hurricanes, and six were category three hurricanes or higher. Once they hit land, they weaken, but rainstorms can continue to head inland and cause flood damage in places far away from the coastline.

As we all know, hurricanes can be one of the most devastating types of natural disasters. These storms can get so brutal that even homeowners in South Orlando plan for flood damage when hurricanes get close to the Atlantic coast. September is national preparedness month. It's the official time to be prepared if bad things happen.

When a big storm is in the forecast, everyone who lives anywhere near the hurricane that's on its way should have a disaster plan tested and ready. Our SERVPRO team can prepare you. We can show you things you should do to minimize damage when you establish us as your certified restoration contractor and have us go through a preparedness plan with you.

If you set up a plan and have a contractor ready to begin work, if something happens, it can make the repair process after storm issues more straightforward. Once SERVPRO of South Orlando is your primary mitigation company, we'll head to your home. Next, we'll figure out where the power and water shutoffs are and figure out anything else we may need to begin work immediately. When problems occur, we'll already be a few steps ahead when we arrive at your residence.

If you ever notice problems after hurricane aftermath hits, call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200.

5 Easy Solutions to Water Damage Mitigation in South Orlando

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Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today! Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today!

5 Situations Where In-Place Drying is Inappropriate for South Orlando Homeowners

Water removal and restoration is an extensive process. To clean, dry, and restore your home to pre-water damage conditions, experts use advanced technology. There comes a time when in-place drying seems like the best choice. Well, there're situations where it's inappropriate.

Black or Gray Water Damage

Blackwater contains unsanitary agents, harmful fungi, and bacteria. As water removal experts in South Orlando, we always warn homeowners not to contact Blackwater. Doing so can result in sickness. Classified as Category 3, sources include sewage, standing water, and rising water from rivers. Gray Water is Category 2 water and contains contaminants too. This water can also cause illness if exposed to it. Often this water originated as clean, potable water but absorbed undesirable and contaminated elements from the environment. Is your home flooded with Gray or Blackwater? Then in-place drying is not recommended.

Presence of Sensitive Items

Have damaged electronics, papers, books, and even artwork with water? Top-down drying is not recommended. In-place drying calls for the removal of water without moving anything out of your home. Since sensitive items cannot be dried in place, this method is inappropriate. We can offer lyophilization where we freeze-dry papers and documents. Under a vacuuming process, draw the sublimated moisture directed from the frozen state to the gaseous phase. This will eliminate the wetness effect of liquid. It just takes the right equipment operated by a skilled SERVPRO technician.

Evidence of Structural Damage

If water removal experts detect structural damage to your subflooring, they cannot proceed unless the support can hold the equipment's weight. Typically, if it cannot, a controlled demolition can stymie the water damage from continuing unabated.

Evidence of Mold Growth

If flooding has lasted for more than 72 hours in your home, mold growth may have already started. In this case, in-place drying cannot be used. Using this method can spread the spores to other rooms. Exposure may cause your family to health effects.

Non-Porous Pad

During top-down drying, your carpet is never rolled back. This is the same as the pad. SERVPRO of South Orlando water removal experts uses air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extraction equipment to dry your pad. If it has a non-porous layer, the carpet can trap water underneath. The trapped water makes the water extraction process more complicated. Floating a carpet can be an option as we strive to restore and not replaced materials after a water loss.

SERVPRO of South Orlando is a leader in the water removal and restoration industry. As experts, we provide 24-hour emergency service to help minimize the damage to your home. Call (407) 985-3200 today.

SERVPRO Can Help You Cope After a Flood Causes Damages to Your South Orlando Home

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Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today at (407) 985-3200. Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today at (407) 985-3200.

Coping With the Effects of Flood Damage in South Orlando

Floods can happen any time there is a torrential downpour. Because of paving and other infrastructure in a city setting, the ground barely absorbs the rainwater, leaving a significant percentage to flow freely. Constraints or blockages in the drainage systems can redirect the water to properties, damaging them. We offer cleanup and restoration services that can help you cope with the damage that occurs in your South Orlando home.

When dealing with incidents of flood damage in South Orlando, you need to address several issues simultaneously. These might include removing mud or silt dumped by water, removing porous materials like carpets submerged by the floodwaters, and drying the structure, among other issues. IICRC certification means the SERVPRO crew that helps you restore your structure is trained to handle all these aspects, guaranteeing a positive outcome.

Since every flooding incident is unique, the planned response must also be unique. This is why an exhaustive inspection of the affected property is necessary. The homeowner shouldn't enter a flooded property to do such an inspection because of the risks involved. For example, if the power is still on, there is a risk of electrocution. Floodwaters are contaminated heavily with sewage and other hazardous chemicals. Our experienced SERVPRO technicians can handle such situations, so we take all necessary precautions, including turning the power off before venturing into the affected property. We also wear protective clothing such as boots, rubbers, gloves, and full-body suits, among others.

An inspection helps establish the level of damage determining the resources needed for the task. If there's mud and silt, tools like shovels are necessary for removal. If the water level is high, it may be necessary to tear down drywall and remove porous materials such as insulation. Our SERVPRO technicians perform a flood-cut 2 feet about the waterline allowing easy access to the wall cavity. Additionally, we use various moisture detection tools to determine how much water affects different materials. Other tools like thermal hygrometers help determine the humidity level in affected and unaffected areas around the property.

Floods can be very destructive, but with professional help, it is easier to cope. Call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

SERVPRO of South Orlando Talks About Inspecting Your Personal Belongings

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Storage containers to hold personal belongings affected by fire damage SERVPRO of South Orlando can clean your personal belongings affected by fire damage.

Fire Damage Experts and Your Home's Contents

Any time something burns on your South Orlando property, several issues can arise. A fire's flames and the heat they produce can spread quickly, burning anything in its way as fuel. In many cases, structural components that make up the building get severely burnt and charred to the point that removal is necessary. Aside from what burns, smoke coming from it can also ruin parts of your house.

Smoke leaves behind soot residues on surfaces inside your home and can cause foul aromas to linger. Every fire damage project in South Orlando typically involves removing ruined structural components and dealing with smoke-related issues. Before work begins, our SERVPRO professionals inspect the structure and figure out the job's overall scope.

When inspecting a damaged home for the first time, we assess the torched items first, then determine where smoke traveled inside the house. Once we decide on the affected rooms, our SERVPRO technicians then figure out the soot damage severity. We first inspect the parts of a building smoke usually affects, such as the ceiling and upper parts of walls, and come up with the best technique to clean the structural materials.

After our SERVPRO crew inspects your structure, we check your personal belongings for damages. The best way to tell if soils exist on an item is to use the contrast method. In many scenarios, we accomplish this by cleaning a spot of an object and comparing it to the dirty parts. Some of your contents, such as tables, possibly have unaffected areas covered by tablecloths or dinner mats. We correspond the exposed areas to the untouched sections to see where the smoke touched.

The next step of the inspection process is to clean a part of each affected item and see which chemicals work best for each material type. When formulating the project's scope, we record soiled items and the best methods to clean them.

Once we pinpoint every item in the home that got damaged, we'll estimate the time, equipment, and labor to complete the work. If you ever find your personal belongings covered in soils or residues after a blaze, call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200 24/7.

When is Demolition Necessary for Mold in Your South Orlando Home?

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Don't let mold damage in your Edgewood home stop you. Call SERVPRO of South Orlando today! Don't let mold damage in your Edgewood home stop you. Call SERVPRO of South Orlando today!

Mold Demolition in South Orlando is Strictly for Professionals, Here's Why

In commercial properties or large private residences, mold growth can spread rapidly and become a significant issue. In these circumstances, it may be necessary to carry out a controlled demolition, removing the structure to allow access to the damage source. Properties built before 1978 can contain lead-based paints in their structure, which turn to dust during demolition and can be extremely dangerous. Certain types of mold can also pose health effects. These are jobs for a professional.

It is generally quite rare for us to carry out mold demolition in Edgewood homes and commercial properties. This procedure is only necessary in cases where the damage is widespread and poses a health risk. Usually, SERVPRO sends tests to a laboratory to assess the level of mold growth before beginning a procedure like this due to the high level of the cost it can involve.

Demolishing structures are necessary when mold has become a significant problem and has spread throughout wall cavities, below the subfloor, or into crawlspaces. SERVPRO has many practical solutions for mold remediation, but almost all of them require access to the affected area. Removing parts of the structure allows us to get your property back to preloss conditions and tackle mold using rapid-air movers, solvent-based wet cleaning, and even soda or ice blasting.

Here at SERVPRO, we understand the dangers of this procedure. On arranging a call-out, we send an IICRC certificate holder to assess and remediate mold damage. We can also send an in-house remodeler or use a third party to help put your home back together. Part of our remit is to "always do what is right by the customer," which means we only undertake expensive proceedings like demolition when necessary.

Making it "Like it never even happened," is not just a slogan for us. We promise to use all expertise and equipment at our disposal to restore your home to its preloss conditions. Where possible, we restore items rather than replace them. As a homeowner or property manager, you need a service you can trust; we have a proven track record in this area that stands us in good stead with our community.

When mold gets out of hand, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200 for second-to-none service. 

What the Colors of the Visible Mold in Your South Orlando Home Aren't Telling You About the Extent of the Infestation

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Don't let mold damage in your Orlando, FL, home stop you! Give us a call today! Don't let mold damage in your Orlando, FL, home stop you! Give us a call today!

Mold Remediation in South Orlando's Residences Restores Control to Homeowners

Anyone of the hundreds of strains of microbes can end up causing homeowners in South Orlando problems. While several varieties always exist somewhere in your home, normal humidity levels keep microbes' growth at a standstill. 

Until microbes' growth begins to grow too rapidly, residents do not need to worry about mold remediation and cleanup in South Orlando. A small incident that seems inconsequential, such as a leaky toilet base or a small overflow at the kitchen sink, can provide enough water to microbes in the area. Once exposed to moisture, they quickly become active and soon spread out across the surface. It does not take long before they form spores in preparation for colonizing other areas of your home. 

SERVPRO technicians always arrive with the tools needed to get your home's microbial situation under control. We come prepared, ensuring that your home's situation gets assessed quickly and that the work progresses swiftly, from start to finish. Understanding the different aspects of mold, from how it can damage your home to the internationally accepted methods of eliminating that damage and the overgrowth that caused it, is crucial to successfully remediating your home. 

Restoring control of your home to you, "Like it never even happened," requires that we practice extensively and engage in different methods. No two homes are identical in either structure or circumstance, so knowing different methods for any particular situation gives us the upper hand over mold and mildew. We know that a crucial aspect of successful mold remediation is maintaining communication with our customers and ensuring that the homeowner understands effective measures that prevent microbes from reappearing. 

We not only provide information about what we are doing and why when we work inside your home, but we also give you the information needed so you can spot potential situations that might cause mold damage to redevelop later. From the start, when we eliminate the source of moisture feeding the mold, to the end, when we apply antimicrobial agents to help eliminate any traces of mold and keep it from regrowing, we are here to make your home healthy again.  

Call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200, so we can provide you with expert guidance and skilled mold remediation services. Please do not hesitate to call whenever you discover mold in your home.


An Effective Plan for Water Damage Remediation in South Orlando

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If you have water damage caused by a flood, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando. If you have water damage caused by a flood, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando.

Why SERVPRO Offers Fast Response to South Orlando Pipe Flood Incidents

The same plumbing systems in your South Orlando property that help make life easy can cause considerable misery if a pipe bursts. Most people only associate plumbing systems with the kitchen or washroom, but flooding can happen in any section of your property since the pipes crisscross the entire property. If a pipe bursts in the ceiling, it can cause many problems. The spilling water affects everything from the ceiling, walls, and contents before it reaches the floor. Have a professional help deal with the water damages.

Each case of South Orlando pipe flooding is unique, and therefore any response plan mooted must adapt to the unique conditions faced. The main factors influencing the response include the origin of the spill, how long the property remains submerged, and the materials present in the affected area. Spills that originate from a higher level of the property, whether it is the ceiling or a bathroom on a higher floor, cause more damage. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the affected areas and your insurance adjuster to determine salvage and the best remedial approach.

Fast extraction of water from the affected property usually forestalls many problems, including mold development and deterioration of materials due to excess moisture. Most homes are packed full of belongings like furniture, clothes, toys, and many others. What should be easy can take longer than usual; however, with our low-tech and high-tech resources to remove the water fast. Low-tech resources include mops, sponges, and buckets. High-tech gear includes wet-dry vacs, dehumidifiers, and air movers. The combination of these resources helps us multitask, thus achieving the water extraction goal faster.

Water spills are likely to necessitate clean-up even when the water involved is from a clean source. As the water affects different materials, dyes are likely to run, leading to stains. The water also sweeps any dirt and debris on its way, soiling carpets, upholstery, and other fabric materials. Our SERVPRO team includes WRT, Water Restoration Technicians, and CCT, Carpet Cleaning Technicians, who handle any necessary cleanup in your property.

For fast response in case of water damage, call SERVPRO of South Orlando to help. You can reach us at (407) 985-3200 at any time.