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Commercial Black Water: 3 Facts to Know

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial property in South Orlando If your commercial business experiences blackwater, call SERVPRO of South Orlando!

Your South Orlando commercial building can be affected by flooding from several sources. Water damage can include warped flooring and moldy drywall, but one immediate issue caused by flooding is the influx of contaminated water. If your business has recently been damaged by flooding, we can help you understand how this type of water can cause long-term damage and what you can do to mitigate it. 

1. It Can Contain Dangerous Chemicals 

Environmental experts often call contaminated water that stems from flooding Category 3 or "blackwater." This means the water did not come from a sterile source and may contain various hazardous components, including harsh sewer and lawn chemicals that entered the water during flooding. These chemicals can make the water dangerous to touch, so calling in flood damage and cleanup service is the safest way to remove it. 

2. It May Make You Sick 

Category 3 water damage can be dangerous in more than one way. For example, standing black water can grow microbes that may cause a variety of illnesses. Urine and feces may also be present, even if they're not immediately visible. It's wise to avoid this type of water entirely and wait for professional cleanup services to arrive. 

3. Acting Quickly Can Be Essential 

Because contaminated water can become more dangerous the longer it sits, it is good to call in a cleanup crew right away. This can be important even if you believe the worst of the damage has already been done. Having the water removed may reduce the chances of long-term issues with your building's affected floors and walls and prevent mold growth, which can be challenging to treat once it takes hold. 

Blackwater damage can harm your commercial building in several ways. However, when you know its dangers and how to combat them, you may be able to prevent the worst of the destruction.

If your commercial building has a water emergency, call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (470) 895-3200.

Call Professionals to Help After Your Business in Orlando Experiences Commercial Water Damage

9/4/2020 (Permalink)

Bakery shop in Orlando, Florida with water damage SERVPRO of South Orlando wants your establishment to be successful with water damage remediation. Let us help you!

Let SERVPRO Complete Your Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage in a commercial establishment such as a bakery creates several problems. Apart from inconveniencing your regular customers who have to go without their favorite pastries, it can also damage your premises. One excellent way to respond in Orlando is hiring a professional such as SERVPRO of South Orlando to help because you benefit in several ways.

One effect commercial water damage in your Orlando business might have is contamination. Such contamination can originate from several sources, including spoilt foodstuff due to water exposure or microbial growth, which happens when water sits for extended periods. Contamination is a concern in food-related businesses due to the risk of food poisoning. SERVPRO technicians take different steps to eliminate contaminants. First, we extract any standing water using various advanced equipment such as portable or truck-mounted extractors. Second, we use EPA registered disinfectants when cleaning surfaces.

Exposure to water can damage various building materials in your business. The water can interfere with floor materials such as tiles, vinyl, laminate, and the trim such as baseboards and door trim. Removing such materials is necessary for restoration. Such removal should not cause or worsen damage to surrounding materials. Our SERVPRO technicians have the required training in rebuilding services, allowing them to safely demolish the affected areas. For instance, we use simple procedures such as bracing drywall during removal to ensure salvageable panels' reinstatement once cleanup is over, saving cost.

A wide variety of waste materials piles up after water damage. Waste may include residues dissolved in the water and debris that comes from the demolition process. Apart from the menial task of aggregating such waste, we follow proper waste disposal requirements according to local regulations. Such regulations differ from state to state and in different cities within a state. Our SERVPRO technicians undergo regular training, which updates them with the current regulation on waste disposal, so you don't have to learn them.

Hiring a professional mitigation service helps you concentrate on your core business functions. Call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200. We're faster to any size disaster.

Don't Let Flood Damage in South Orlando Melt Your Dreams

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

Closed sign on business in South Orlando Don't let flood damage keep your business' doors shut! Call SERVPRO of South Orlando.

Helping an Ice Cream Shoppe Reopen After Sustaining Commercial Flood Damage in South Orlando

Once our area experiences a flood, we work with South Orlando businesses on the steps needed to reopen their doors. Every business plays a crucial role in our local economy. Businesses of all sizes, including small ice cream shops, require specialized skills to ensure employees' and customers' safety. 

Businesses that find themselves facing commercial flood damage in South Orlando want to reopen quickly. Customers need to know that favorite locations can reopen and help the area start feeling like it did before the disaster occurred. SERVPRO technicians live in the area and want the same thing. We always arrive faster to any size disaster and work through the project's completion. Flood damage poses particular risks to businesses that prepare food, and we understand these concerns. 

Our IICRC training and certification prepare us for many possible scenarios. Flooding around food almost always means that refrigerated items need throwing away, as do any products that came into direct contact with the water. We arrange for containers of appropriate sizes to safely dispose of everything that requires removal from the premises. After we remove everything necessary, we start cleaning and sanitizing your shop. 

All food containers and preparation areas, bins, shelves, and other surfaces need to become clean and safe once more. We remove all the silt and debris from these locations. Additionally, we remove from the floor, walls, and anywhere else that floodwaters touched. Thorough cleaning brings back safe conditions. 

After we clean and then dry your business, we can concentrate on deodorization. We use both ozone and hydroxyl gas generators. If wet carpeting or other textiles exist, we prefer to use hydroxyl gas instead of ozone. It takes slightly longer, but it is much safer to use than ozone. 

SERVPRO of South Orlando employees live and work in your area, be it Belle Isle, SK Lake, or Pine Castle, and we want to help get your shop's doors open again by mitigating flood damage and its effects. Call (407) 985-3200, 24/7, any day of the year, and we can begin making everything perfect again.

Use Our Technician Knowledge to Dry Out Your Property After Water Damage Quickly

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage in South Orlando If you have water damage in your commercial property, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando.

Commercial Water Removal for Your South Orlando Business

Many people in South Orlando love to sew their clothing so they can make sure their latest outfit is unique and one-of-a-kind. Many homemade gifts for children that they can use to explore their creativity also require fabric and various notions and tools when you make them. Coming to your store means a visit to a clean and safe place where customers can let their imaginations and creativity wander and gain inspiration.

When a roof leak lets the rain pour into your business, you need to start the water removal process in South Orlando to get everything cleaned up and safe again. The safety of your employees and customers can become compromised by standing puddles of water. The mold that grows in the presence of a new water source becomes apparent within 24 to 48 hours after the incident.

SERVPRO of South Orlando has the tools and machinery to get such messes cleaned up and resolved, making the interior environment of your store "Like it never even happened," quickly and thoroughly. The dyes in many materials can bleed into others, but we can cut away these stained lengths on the bolts, leaving as much dry air in individual drying chambers. We can dispose of these discolored lengths of fabric for you or dry them for packaging if sewing enthusiasts might take an interest in these pieces.

We can clean and dry your inventory that comes in its packaging, bottles, and similar items so you can still offer these to your customers. We understand that disasters like this can harm many businesses financially, so we do everything we can to help you recover quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Because companies often fail afterward, planning on such events with our READY Profile Plan can help you. September is also National Preparedness Month, and this is one way to take a role in helping your business become even stronger.

To ensure your store's environment remains clean, we also remove debris and place air scrubbers strategically, so air currents help us remove any dust or spores, as well as other microscopic particles from the air. This dust can come from our work, or the area where the rain came into your store.

SERVPRO of South Orlando can help you recover fastest after a disaster involving water of any category. Commercial water removal and cleanup gets your business back to how you want. Call us at (407) 985-3200!

South Orlando Mold Remediation for Commercial Warehouses

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth in South Orlando commercial property If your commercial property experiences mold growth, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando to begin the restoration process.

SERVPRO Can Cleanup Mold Damage in South Orlando Businesses

If a slow water leak develops in your manufacturing plant in South Orlando, many problems can develop if not repaired quickly. Any time water gets into a building, it follows gravity and affects the lowest level the most. Many warehouses and offices utilize ground level areas for the storage of products and materials. When water gets into these lower-level storage facilities, water can damage the building's structure and inventory stored. If objects and building materials stay wet for an extended period, many additional issues can occur. Stored products remaining wet can cause damage over time, such as rusting metal parts, ruined insulation, and mold growth. Water can also cause the drywall to lose its structural integrity and fall apart. If wooden materials stay wet, they can warp or curve. Cartons are composed of an organic substance and have the potential of being a food source for fungi.

Sometimes a slow leak can occur at your business, and the problems go unnoticed for a long time. Most commercial mold damage projects in South Orlando result from a water leak that did not get promptly mitigated after it happened. After a building is wet for longer than 48 hours, microbial growth can take place. Once microbes form the contamination and spores can spread to other areas of the structure.

When first arriving at your manufacturing plant, our SERVPRO technicians inspect the area. Once the mold-infested rooms or sections are uncovered, we take measures to prevent the spreading of spores. To do this, we can isolate using poly sheeting the contaminated parts, so spores and mold particles do not spread to unaffected regions of the structure.

Once our SERVPRO restoration team establishes a containment area, we determine what items are treatable, restorable, and which materials are non-salvageable. When working at your business, we conduct all of our procedures. To ensure the process is as smooth flowing for you and your insurance company. We can pack-out inventory and products for off-site cleaning if necessary.

When working with mold, SERVPRO takes extra precautions so particles do not spread and cause air quality issues at your plant. Fungi can cause health effects with some people so if you ever notice mold damage at your business, call SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200 24/7.

Your Pine Castle Venue Requires Rapid Water Damage Cleanup

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

commercial water damage If you have water damage in your commercial property, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando.

Water Damage Cleanup

Your South Orlando event venue is likely reaching the time of the year where it gets a steady booking schedule. Parties are coming in and out of the facility every day, leaving minimal time for the staff to clean the place and assess any potential problems. With such a wide variety of patrons and events, you never know what damage a group of people could cause unknowingly. For example, leaving faucets on in the facility bathrooms with the stoppers could lead water throughout the neighboring areas to this room.

With a packed schedule and people counting on your South Orlando venue, the last thing you need to contend with is water damage. Fortunately, you have professional restoration services that can respond quickly and get things back to how they should be as promptly as possible.

Our SERVPRO professionals can quickly assess the full scope of the damage and determine the tools and equipment necessary to restore it. In situations like this, clean up often involves the essential elements of wet-vacs with extraction wants, mops, and air movers to help dry out the floors. Unless this damage has been sitting there for several days, the bulk of the damage itself is just in the floors' widespread water.

Of course, our SERVPRO team implements equipment like infrared thermal imagery to identify moisture inside spaces that cannot get easily seen. This process allows us to see inside the wall cavities, below flooring, and above the ceiling, identifying threats out the line of sight. If found, various equipment gets used to ensure the area is thoroughly dry.

While your business lives by a strict schedule, you can rarely account for the inevitability of something going wrong. Fortunately, our SERVPRO of South Orlando professionals responds quickly to help clean up the mess and limit the time you are without your facility. Call 24/7 at (407) 985-3200.

Professional Mold Remediation in South Orlando Movie Theater

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

movie theatre seats Have commercial mold damage? Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando at (407) 985-3200.

SERVPRO Quickly Investigates and Remediates a Business Mold Infestation

Movie theaters are a common sight to see throughout the South Orlando area. An iconic date night activities available to people of all ages. Day after day, you might see people come in and out of business looking for entertainment. The last thing that a business owner needs is mold to shut the doors for an extended period while figuring out how to handle the situation.

What many business owners do not understand about commercial mold damages they find in their South Orlando properties is that the creation of these colonies is relatively simple. All that omnipresent spores in the environment need to grow and thrive are moisture, warmer temperatures, and various organic material to seat the organism. Once these conditions are met, the business is continually at risk for developing mold and fungal growths.

Often finding the moisture source in the affected areas is sufficient for preventing the present risk, but the damage could have already occurred. The best way to identify the progression of mold in your business, whether there're clear signs of colonies or not, is to allow SERVPRO to conduct an inspection of the property to look for signs of fungal growth and to assess your risks of forming colonies.

Our experienced mold remediation specialists have several unique approaches to restoring the damage that mold can do to your business, and ones that do not have to keep your doors closed a moment longer than needed. The faster our SERVPRO technicians can get the problem under control in your movie theater, the sooner that your regular customers can get allowed back in for their silver screen fixations.

While it might not seem like mold growth is that pressing an issue from a business standpoint, mold may cause health effects for those exposed. This puts your staff in line for these potential effects and every person who comes to the theater. Trust our experienced remediation specialists at SERVPRO of South Orlando can help businesses in the area. Call today at (407) 985-3200.

Questions You Might Have About Black Mold Damage in South Orlando

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

mold in commercial property in Orlando, Florida If you suspect mold damage, contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today!

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage Leaving Your Property Safe

One of the most infamous and troublesome types of mold damage in South Orlando is black mold, a colloquial term for several aggressive fungi species that can cause more problems than other, similar mold varieties. Black mold infestations grow and function much like ordinary colonies but can have different and more severe consequences, including an increased risk of health effects. Handling these species requires a unique set of certifications. SERVPRO of South Orlando can adequately cover the specific safety and treatment considerations involved in a professional cleanup.

How Concerned Should I Be?

Horror stories of black mold damage in communities like South Orlando abound online, but the reality is a bit more nuanced. While black mold can cause health effects, the severity can depend on exposure time, the extent of growth, and the specific variety growing in your home. We recommend you call us as soon as you find signs of mold damage. We can send an inspector over within a matter of hours to evaluate the situation and provide more detailed safety recommendations.

What Other Consequences Could Come?

In addition to heightened health risks, black mold can cause many of the same damages to your property that other fungi can. Without professional remediation, the problem can start to eat away at your home and cause lasting visual and structural damage to the building. Additional safety precautions and sterilization measures may also lengthen the time we take to solve the problem, potentially increasing costs incurred during the restoration process.

How Can SERVPRO Solve the Problem?

We handle black mold like other fungal damage, conducting simultaneous efforts to quarantine, neutralize, and clean up after multiple patches of growth at once. Our technicians have access to heavy-duty environmental protection gear throughout the work to prepare them for even the most extreme risks. Without this equipment, it may be very unsafe to continue living and working in the area until the remediation project reaches completion. We take extra care to sanitize the area when black mold ensures that no safety risks remain after we leave.

SERVPRO of South Orlando has the training and equipment necessary to handle even the most extensive and dangerous mold damage situations in local properties. Call (407) 985-3200 to find out how we can help.

Fast Action is Vital When Experiencing a Water Damage Disaster

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

pipe burst in South Orlando, Florida Have commercial water damage? Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today.

Act Swiftly When You Need Water Cleanup Services for Your Orlando Commercial Property

No owner wants to find themselves in a situation where they should reach out for local water cleanup services. Indoor flooding can occur from various sources, but in the case of your pawnshop, a broken ceiling pipe is to blame. Before turning the water off, hundreds of gallons spilled onto the floor of your shop, surrounding precious antiques and other valuable merchandise.

To maximize the chances of remediation inside your pawnshop succeeding without hiccups, you should immediately reach out for local Orlando water cleanup services. Addressing the damage swiftly, and cleaning up the standing water as quickly as possible, can lessen the water damage inside of your shop. The faster you get help, the better it can be for your business.

Once you call SERVPRO, we immediately can assemble a team of our highly trained water damage restoration technicians (WRT) and then send them to your shop. We are always quick and strive to get to your business as quickly as possible because we understand how valuable time is. Getting your business back to normal is something we pride ourselves on at SERVPRO of South Orlando. Furthermore, while you wait for our technicians to arrive, you could begin to remove any merchandise from the area that's still dry. To try and prevent your inventory from becoming damaged in the meantime.

Once our WRT arrives at your pawn shop, we can immediately begin setting up equipment to remove the standing water inside your shop. At SERVPRO of South Orlando, we use extracting wands and rovers and wet/dry vacuums. We can immediately see to drying any pieces you worry about and ensure that any remaining excess moisture is addressed using the appropriate equipment. By the end of the job, we hope to leave your shop feeling, "Like it never even happened."

When a sudden pipe burst spews water onto your property, always quickly call for help. Speak with SERVPRO of South Orlando by calling (407) 985-3200. No matter the time, we're here for you.

South Orlando Fabrication Plants Calls SERVPRO to Extract Water

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

commercial building icons Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando for your water damage repairs.

Restoring a Factory with Commercial Water Removal Services in South Orlando

Once a factory or other assembly plant in South Orlando sustains an incident involving a water loss, getting things dry again to protect employee health and safety, machinery, and productivity should begin immediately. Relying on drains to take care of the problem can only do so much. Overhead water sources can ruin delicate machines, form pools of water in depressions in pieces of equipment, and supplies and materials. 

At SERVPRO, we are proud to help other businesses around South Orlando with commercial water removal methods so they can continue serving the public. We want our economy to stay strong, and this is how we can do our part. Removing the water from where it might otherwise remain trapped, slowly evaporating into the air, helps your factory's indoor air quality remain wholesome. It also prevents corrosion of metal and keeps microbial infestations from developing as readily as possible when excess moisture permits them to grow.  

When your equipment retains water, we can suction the water out of these machines and then wipe them down. We arrive with the tools needed, including ladders and buckets, helping ensure that your employees can continue their jobs with little or no interruption from us. Extracting the water and then wiping the machine down with oil when called for by the machinery's maintenance instructions protects your equipment from possible problems.  

Floors and other areas that your employees occupy may also need extraction work performed. Break rooms can become damp and musty when water saturates such areas, ruining food preparation equipment. Your employees need to eat during their breaks to stay energetic. 

We also want to keep your workers safe while in your plant. With water removal, we work to keep corrosion control and eliminate the possibility wherever we can. Air movers help us keep moisture from condensing on surfaces and also directs water vapor toward desiccation machines. These withdraw moisture from the air and release dry air back into the area we are treating. 

Using our various machines and tools, we protect your equipment and building from harm. SERVPRO of South Orlando water removal and extraction specialists can make things safe again so your employees can remain productive. Call (407) 985-3200 for 24-hour service.

Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Orlando Business

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

sink overflowing causing water damage Don't let your business be taken over by water damage. Contact SERVPRO of South Orlando today.

Some of the Regular Water Damages SERVPRO Sees in Orlando Hotels

Water damage can happen anywhere in a hotel, but some areas and types of damage happen far more often than others. When problems go beyond simple cleanup and sanitation matters, your cleaning personnel or company may be ill-equipped to handle the consequences of significant water damage. SERVPRO of South Orlando specializes in fast and complete hotel services, ensuring rooms stay clean, undamaged, and pleasant-smelling after the incident. If these common problems happen in your building, call us or use our Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) system to get a crew of technicians to your location.

Overflowing Sinks and Bathtubs

One of the reasons SERVPRO is called into hotels when a guest causes a sink or bathtub to overflow. Determining when and why these problems happen can be difficult. At the same time, guests remain in their rooms, so it may not be uncommon to only find out about the matter days later or when water starts to leak elsewhere and cause further damages. SERVPRO inspectors create a detailed assessment of the situation to understand what specific problems might come from these scenarios and estimate our work times and costs.

Water Line Leaks and Breaks

With so many water lines running throughout the building, it may not be uncommon for them to leak or burst, especially when they are ancient. Be sure to call us as soon as you suspect that a water line may have been ruptured, as the speed of our response may be critical to prevent as much damage as possible. To avoid most water line problems in your hotel, make sure that pipes receive semi-regular maintenance and checkups.

Left-Open Windows

If guests can open windows in your hotel rooms, they may sometimes forget to close them before a storm rolls through the area. Rain pouring through an open window can cause significant damage to the carpet and upholstery; however, the worst effects are preventable by calling SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of South Orlando can handle both small, isolated incidents and large-scale disasters throughout an entire building. For the best outcomes, call quick after an incident at (407) 985-3200.